Can VacuVortex be used with all wet/dry vacuums?

About 90% of wet/dry vacuums will accommodate the device.

How does VacuVortex affect the vacuum's suction power?
Suction is reduced a mere 8%
Is VacuVortex easy to install?
Super easy to install, merely press the elbow into the exhaust port.
How does VacuVortex improve air quality?
Air quality is improved greatly by the (patented) mesh technology incorporated in the device.
What are the dimensions of VacuVortex?
Diameter = 2.5” Length = 10 “ Depth = 3”
Where can I purchase VacuVortex?
We presently sell the Vacuvortex on our website www.vacuvortex.com
Is there a warranty for VacuVortex products?
The warranty is for one full year.
How does VacuVortex contribute to noise reduction?
Noise is reduced by the mesh technology attenuating the flow of exhaust.
What is the price of VacuVortex?
Presently selling for $24.99
Can VacuVortex be used in professional environments?
The Vacuvortex is encouraged to be used in professional environments.
How does VacuVortex impact vacuum maintenance?
No maintenance is required for the vacuum itself.
Are there customer testimonials available for VacuVortex?
Customer testimonials are in abundance at the website.
What materials is VacuVortex made from?
Materials are plastic components with added designed polyester inserts.
Can VacuVortex help with dust control?
Independent studies reveal the Vacuvortex to have HEPA characteristics.
How long does delivery take after ordering VacuVortex?
Delivery should be within 3 or 4 days from order placement.
Is there customer support for VacuVortex users?
Customer support is personally addressed by our director of sales.
How does VacuVortex compare to traditional vacuum exhaust solutions?
The difference between traditional exhaust solutions and the Vacuvortex is that competition merely redirects exhaust flow in a 360 degree pattern, not reducing exhaust turbulence, whereas the Vacuvortex channels the exhaust into a vortex pattern in a vertical format, thus keeping the flow from exceeding 15” from the Vacuvortex cage.
Can VacuVortex be used outdoors?
Yes, the Vacuvortex can be used anywhere a wet/dry vacuum can be applied but is especially effective in situations where any air turbulence is not desired.
Are there any special offers for VacuVortex?
Offers for discounts are encouraged on the website.

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