How To Use The VacuVorteX™

The Why

Vacuuming with those canister-shaped wet/dry vacuum cleaners can lead to a real mess that is worse than the original mess we were attempting to clean. We make your old shop vacuum a superpower home vacuum that is all about safety and efficiency for under $30. Saving you $100’s compared to buying a new specialty vacuum that does what our device can do for you NOW!

Using and Maintaining Your VacuVorteX™

The VacuVorteX™ effortlessly attaches to your wet/dry vacuum’s exhaust port. All you need to do is insert it into the exhaust port of your existing wet/dry vacuum, and you can enjoy a safe indoor vacuuming experience without the need to purchase a new machine. If your vacuum’s exhaust port has a lip, the included elbow clip can be used to secure the device more firmly. Additionally, kits are available to adjust our device’s size to fit most vacuum models, and you can find these kits at major retail stores and local hardware shops.

It’s important to note that the VacuVorteX™ is highly versatile and effective at any orientation, meaning it doesn’t need to be placed vertically to function correctly. The outer diameter (OD) of the VacuVorteX™ is 2 5/8 inches, while the inner diameter (ID) is 2 1/4 inches.

Regarding maintenance, the internal corrugated shop-vac filter is typically the only part that may need replacement based on usage. Its primary function is to prevent most particulate matter from entering the final stage of the exhaust port. Although the VacuVorteX™ has the capability to capture particles that may escape the main filter, this is not its primary design purpose.

In the rare event that the VacuVorteX™ accumulates dust or other debris, a simple solution is available. You can reverse the VacuVorteX™ from the ‘blower’ port to the ‘vacuum’ port and run it for approximately 15 seconds. This procedure should effectively alleviate any issues that may arise.

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