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Chris Conard

Co-Founder & CEO
Coming from a decades-long career doing highly technical work in a hospital operating room, Chris has always had a strength in creative problem-solving. Using this skill was no different when applied to his everyday household fixes. While vacuuming his workspace one day, Chris was frustrated that his vacuum’s exhaust was creating more of a mess. That’s when the VacuVortex was born.
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Ben Conard

Co-Founder, VP Strategy

With a passion for social entrepreneurship, start-ups, and innovation, Ben has a strong desire to see the future of the wet-dry vacuum space be improved and transformed by the VacuVortex.

Vacu Vortex industrial vacuum cleaner component

Robert Goldsher

VP Operations, Managing Partner

For the past 20 years, Robert has worked in the surgical industry for one of the largest medical device manufacturers in the world. Prior to that, Robert used his college degree from one of the top Culinary Arts/Business Management schools in the world and worked in executive dining with firms like Goldman Sachs and Marriott Hotels. Robert has a passion for building companies and brands that bring great value and have a story worth sharing.

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